It all began on a red couch in a termite-eaten house in Honolulu.  We spent many hours hashing out strategies to create a world we wanted to live in.   Simultaneously frustrated and hopeful, we ultimately realized that design is our contribution to catalyze positive change.

Cofounders Caty Rezendes and Michael Hodge have a background in architecture and physical design.  We are steeped in the process of shaping an empty lot or old building into a environment that people can thrive in.  There is something in that process that is directly applicable to tackling large scale social challenges.


Rumblespring_HeadshotCATY REZENDES

Caty brings joy and focused intensity to any project, tech or tangible.  Everything she touches she makes beautiful. 

With a background at the intersection of physical and digital design, Caty weaves people’s passions into compelling stories through words, graphics, film, and experiences.  A lead organizer for TEDxBeaconStreet and a member of the leadership team of Ideas in Action, Caty has helped guide the Boston innovation and startup community with her design sensitivity.

Rumblespring_Headshot2MICHAEL HODGE
Michael is an architect who believes that the human body is the most powerful untapped design technology.  Rather than just a thought process, for him all design is a physical endeavor with physical outcomes.  

Michael was a design director for one of China’s largest firms working on city scale architecture and urban planning projects.  He attended the Cooper Union and holds a doctorate in architecture from the University of Hawaii. A long time Zen student and teacher, Michael is a faculty member of the Institute for Zen Leadership.